We worked with the artist Soft Talk (Douglas Carr) to produce this tale of an individual looking for their place in the world. This is the first of three music video collaborations with Soft Talk.

The haunting yet delightful sounds of Will Franke and his fiddle. Produced in collaboration with Claire Liss on various parts of the always beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. 

Shot on the streets of West Asheville, North Carolina. This was our first attempt at a single tracking-shot video with no cuts. Produced in collaboration with Rachel Waterhouse of Sister Ivy as well as the outstanding creative community of the great Asheville area.

Music video for Montreal-based Thanya Iyer's "Daydreaming".

The ethereal sounds of Thanya Iyer and company had me enchanted at the very first listen. This video was inspired by the fourth track off of their album, Do You Dream.

Kayla Zuskin is the voice and driving force behind Lavender Blue. This is the first track from her very first EP. Shot on the beautiful rolling hills of Snaggy Mountain in Burnsville, North Carolina.

Narrative-Style music video for "O Moon", written and performed by Austin (TX) native, Natalie Jane Hill.

The depth of feeling in Natalie's voice blew me away the first time I heard it. After hearing "O Moon", I was immediately inspired to create a video companion piece. Some may only hear a song sung to the moon, but I heard a longing for a potential lost love.

One of my favorite clients to ever work with, this is Ghost Pipe Trio out of Asheville, NC. A blending of jazz and so much more that words don't do it justice!

The swanky lounge cats, Drayton & The Dreamboats, performing their original tune, "Fallen For You". Recorded in Asheville Guitar Bar in Asheville, NC.

The incomparable Josh Cohen. A master of his unique bass stylings, precision like no other. An honor to have him visit and to record with him. He's also one of the kindest souls I've ever met. Recorded in Summer 2016, on a day when happy souls were frolicking about.

Carpathian Spruce recorded their first album in December 2016, and I had the pleasure of being there for several of what would become the final album recordings. Some truly talented folks (and personal friends), Carpathian Spruce play Balkan, gypsy, and klezmer tunes. Here they perform "Sherele", a classic klezmer dance song.

The Tumblings Wheels have some of the most delightful sounding harmonies to ever hit my ears.

Summer had drawn to a close, and fall was beginning to set in, when these folks arrived at Snaggy Mountain (Burnsville, NC). It was a windy day, but we went ahead with the recording, and I'm so glad we did.

Allegra Krieger has a dichotomy like none I've ever met. The second she begins singing, it is like an ancient soul is released from within her. But talk to her in her everyday life, and she can barely take herself seriously for more than a second. The best of both worlds.